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The Wenonah High School Grand Alumni Association (WHSGAA) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that embodies the spirit, knowledge and wisdom fostered by the Wenonah faculty, both old and new.  Our members reflect the values, ambitions and knowledge instilled in us by the teachers and staff of the Wenonah High School family.   It is our purpose to ensure the benefits and knowledge we received from our years at WHS are passed on to all current and future graduates.




2015 Wenonah Boys Baseball (0-0)

Boys Baseball Website

Date  Day Time   Opponent       Location                Result

Feb 16 Mon  1:00pm  Woodlawn             Wahouma
Feb 17 Tue   4:00pm  Oakman High        Rickwood Field
Feb 19 Thu   4:00pm  Minor (DH)             Rickwood
Mar 2   Mon  4:30pm  Jackson-Olin (DH) Ensley Park
Mar 3   Tue   5:00pm  Fairfield                  Rickwood Field
Mar 4   Wed  4:30pm  Carver High           Rickwood Field
Mar 7   Sat    9:30am   Altamont                Rickwood Field
Mar 9 Mon   4:00pm   Woodlawn (DH)     Rickwood Field
Mar 13 Fri    4:00pm    Parker (DH)           Parker Field
Mar 14 Sat   9:30am    Altamont                Altamont
Mar 16 Mon 4:00pm   Oakman                  Oakman Field
Mar 19 Thu  4:00pm   Ramsay                   Rickwood Field
Mar 20 Fri    4:00pm    Brewer (DH)          Rickwood Field
Apr 9 Thu    4:30pm    Ramsay                  Rickwood Field
Apr 10 Fri    5:00pm    Fairfield                  Willie Mays Park
Apr 13 Mon 4:30pm    Carver                    Ensley Park


2014-2015 Wenonah Girls Basketball (32-3)

Girls Basketball Website

Girls Schedule

Date  Day Time Opponent                                Results     

Nov 12  Wed  6pm  @Woodlawn                                             W 97 - 28

Nov 14  Fri     6pm  @Jackson-Olin                                         W 73-48

Nov 18  Tue   6pm  @McAdory                                                W 66-23

Nov 26   Wed 8:30p Bessemer @Dragons Invitation           W 78-41  

Nov 28   Fri    7:30p  Huffman @Dragons Invitational            W 73-41

Nov 29  Sat   11:30a Ramsay @Lady Dragons Invitational    W 58-40

Dec 2    Tue   6pm  @Ramsay                                                   W 52-41

Dec 5    Fri     6pm   Fairfield                                                      W 66-23

Dec 8    Mon  6pm  @Pleasant Grove                                      W 66-45

Dec 12  Fri     6pm   Parker                                                        W 63-19

Dec 15  Mon  6pm  @Center Point                                           W 58-30

Dec 17  Wed 6pm   Midfield                                                       W 62-30

Dec 19  Fri    8:30p  Life Center Academy, Newark NJ          W 66-54

Dec 20  Sat  3:30p   Blair Academy @, Newark NJ                  W 49-36

Dec 29  Mon 3:30p Osborne GA; BallN Prep @Mont               L 57-44

Dec 30  Tue  5:00p Faith Acad; BallN Prep @Montgomery    W 59-42

Dec 31  Wed 12:30 Tupela MS; BallN Prep @Montgomery    W 56-46

Jan 6    Tue   6pm  Pleasant Grove                                           W 83-52

Jan 9    Fri     6pm  @Fairfield                                                     W 67-29

Jan 13  Tue   6pm  @Midfield                                                     W 61-37

Jan 15  Thu   6pm  Hoover                                                          W 64-51

Jan 17  Sat   3pm  St Francis GA  Crossover Classic GA      W 67-61

Jan 19 Mon  1pm  Collins Hill GA MLK BallN Prep @Mont    W 55-31

Jan 20  Tue   6pm  Jackson-Olin                                               W 65-39

Jan 22  Thu   6pm  Woodlawn                                                    W 69-27

Jan 27  Tue   6pm  Ramsay                                                         L 35-33

Jan 29  Thu   6pm  McAdory                                                      Cancelled

Jan 30  Fri     6pm  @Hoover                                                       L 53-38

Jan 31 Sat     6pm  @Parker                                                       W 71-29

Feb 4  Wed   6pm  Fairfield; Area 9 Tour @Wenonah            W 88-34

Feb 6  Fri      6pm  Ramsay; Area 9 Finals @Wenonah           W 55-38

Feb 9  Mon   7pm  Parker Sub-Regional; @Wenonah            W 70-37

Feb16 Mon 12:00pm Lawrence Co. @NW Regl-Hanceville   W 65-63 (OT)

Feb 18 Wed  5:00pm Ramsay @NW Regl-Hanceville              W 53-43

Feb 25 Wed 3:00pm Talladega @5A State Final 4 @BJCC     W 73-34

Feb 28 Sat 9:00am Brewbaker-Mont @5A Finals @BJCC     W 49-29


2014-2015 5A Girls State Champions


2013-2014 5A Girls State Champions


2012-2013 5A Boys State Champions (3-peat)


2011-2012 5A Boys State Champions (Back to Back)


2010-2011 5A State Basketball Champions


DeRunnya "Bear" Wilson

2013 Alabama Mr. Basketball & 5A Player of the Year


Members of the 1949 Girls Championship Team

1949 State Title Article

Marina Bell (1950) Sarah Conner (1949) Bettye Pearson (1951)


Coach Audwin Howard (10 - 19)

Boys Basketball Coach

Head Coach 2014 - 2015

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- When the term "Wenonah basketball" is brought up around the state of Alabama, it means something. The Dragons have seemingly parked the school team bus at the BJCC every February and March during the last five seasons at the Final 48. The upcoming season will be the first without longtime coach Cedric Lane. Lane accepted the head coaching job along with the athletic director's role at Jackson-Olin earlier this year. Complete article


Coach Emanuel "Tubb" Bell (469-183)

Girls Basketball Coach

Class of 1973

Head Coach 1996-2015

Congratulations to Emanuel Bell, Class of 1973 and current coach of the Wenonah High School Girls Basketball team. Coach Bell recently recorded his 400th victory as the coach of the Wenonah Girls Basketball Team. Other accomplishments along the way include the 2004 Class 6A Girls State Championship, 2002 Class 6A Finals, 2008 Class 5A Finals and 2013 Class 5A Runnerup. Coach Bell's 400th victory was against Parker, January 22, 2013.  Additional award; 2013 Girls Metro Coach of the Year.


Coach Ronald Cheatham (136-125) as of 10/30/14

Boys Football Coach

Head Coach - 1989-2014

State playoffs 1989, 1992,1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009. 2012; Playoff Record 7-13


Article from the 2013 Final 48 Program


AIAA Coaches - Wenonah

Roscoe Wells                 Boys Football/Basketball             1948- 1961

Johnny White                 Boys Football                                 1962-1964

Bobby Carr                     Boys Football                                 1965-1966

Charles Acon                 Boys Football                                 1968-1970

Ward Towers                 Boys Basketball                            1959-1979

Lillie King Singleton      Girls Basketball                            1948-1954

Juanita Brice                  Girls Basketball                             1955-1958

Girls Basketball Discounted                                                 1958-1977

Wenonah State AHSAA Basketball Records

Wenonah High School Sports Championships

Boy's State Basketball Tournament Record

Year Place                    Class   Coach

1972 State Final Four   4A      Ward Towers - WHS 62-Gadsden 64

1973 State Runnerup   4A      Ward Towers - WHS 66-Austin 69

1977 State Champion  Freshmen Jim Holifield

1980 State Final Four   4A       Wilbur Talley - WHS 55 - Coffee Co 59

1982 State Finals          4A       Wilbur Talley - WHS 57 - Hayes 63

1984 State Finals          4A       WHS 50 - Central-Phenix Cy 81

1986 State Finals          5A       WHS 50 - Southside-Selma 71

1990 State Champion   4A      George Moore WHS 71-Buckhorn 69

1993 State Champion   5A      George Moore -WHS 76-Blount 66

2010 State  Final Four   5A      Cedric Lane-WHS 51-Carver-Mont 54

2011 State Champion   5A      Cedric Lane WHS 89-Lee Huntsville 85

2012 State Champion   5A      Cedric Lane WHS 65-Lee-Huntsville 58

2013 State Champion   5A      Cedric Lane  - WHS 75 - Center Point 60

Boys All Tournament Selections

1972 All tournament - Willie High

1973 All tournament - Freddie High; George Jackson; David Desmond

1977 MVP Michael Hendricks All Toury; Ronald Croom; Fred Freeman 

1980 All Tournament - Curtis High

1990 All Tournament - MVP Carlos Martin ; Romeo Penn, Curtis Davis

2010 All Tournament - Antuan Riggs

2011 All Tournament - T. Tate, N. Whatley, Jeremy Bogus MVP

2012 All Tournament - Chase Sadller, D. Wilson, Isaiah Maston MVP

2013 All Tournament - DeRunnya Wilson, Isaiah Maston,

Justin Coleman MVP                                                                           

Girl's State Basketball Tournament Record

1949 State Champion   AIAA   Lillie King Singleton WHS 36-Tucs-Ind 31

1949 State Title Article

1981 State Final Four   4A     James Woods

1985 State Final Four   4A     James Woods

1986 State Champion  5A      Eleanor Pitts - WHS 56-Monroe Co 53

1987 State Final Four   5A      Eleanor Pitts - No Details

1990 State Champion  4A      Eleanor Pitts - WHS 50-Wilson 41

1991 State Runnerup   6A      Eleanor Pitts - WHS 53-Decatur 73

1993 State Champion  5A      Eleanor Pitts - WHS 62-Athens 61

1994 State Runnerup   5A      Eleanor Pitts - WHS 59-Eufaula 70

2002 State Final Four    6A     Emanuel Bell - WHS 41- Leflore 43

2004 State Champion   6A     Emanuel Bell - WHS 65-Clay-Chalk 59

2008 State Final Four    5A     Emanuel Bell - WHS 48-Eufaula 54

2013 State Runnerup    5A     Emanuel Bell - WHS 50 - Faith 51

2014 State Champion   5A     Emanuel Bell - WHS 57 - Sylacauga 46

2015 State Champion   5A     Emanuel Bell - WHS 49 - Brewbaker 29

Girls All Tournament Selections

1949 MVP Wilma Richmond-All Tournament Lillian Powell; Brazil Grant      

1994 All Tournament - Erika Cosby; Consquelo Brown

2002 All Tournament - Harriett Barnes

2004 MVP Monika Hilson-All Tourny-Courtney Billingsley; Angel Tate

2008 All Tournament - Keiara Middleton

2013 All Tournament - Tameka Holmes, Kaitlyn Rogers

2914 All Tournament - Kaitlyn Rogers; Aja Cumbie; Jameka Holmes MVP

2015 All Tournament - Jayla Morrow; Alexus Dye; Kaitlyn Rodgers MVP


ASWA All-State Selections (Boys)

2014 Justin Coleman

2013 DeRunnya Wilson; Justin Coleman; Isaiah Maston

2012 DeRunnya Wilson; Isaiah Maston; Chase Sadler

2011 Jeremy Bogus; Cedric Lane, Coach of the Year

2010 Jeremy Bogus

1993 Tavaris Campbell

1991 Romeo Penn

1990 Curtis Davis; Carlos Martin; Romeo Penn; George Moore (C)

1984 Selwyn Davis


ASWA All-State Selections (Girls)

2014 Aja Cumbie; Jameka Holmes, Kaitlyn Rogers

2013 Jameka Holmes; Kaitlyn Rogers

2011 Victoria Billingsley

2008 Kameisha Garrett

2007 Jasmine Tate

2005 Monika Hilson

2004 Courtney Billingsley; Monika Hilson; Emanuel Bell (C)

2003 Harriett Barnes

2002 Harriett Barnes

2001 Tellice Moore

1994 Consquelo Brown; Erika Cosby; Stanolla Cooper

1993 Erika Cosby; Consquelo Brown; Eleanor Pitts (C)


Football Championship Games

1949    Immaculata  AIAA        TB Game        Roscoe Wells    Tie 6-6

1951    Parker           AIAA        TB Game        Roscoe Wells     Lost 25-0

1952    Ullman           AIAA        TB Game        Roscoe Wells     Won 46-0

1968    Brighton        AIAA        TB Game        Charles Acon     Lost 9-6

Click for TB Game News Articles


Alabama High School Athletic Assoc. Records

Boys Basketball-Most Free Throws attempted by both teams in a Game

91  Wenonah (89) vs. Lee-Huntsville (85), 2011 (5A state finals)

Most Points Scored in a Quarter

43 Wenonah (89) vs. Lee-Huntsville (85), 2011 (5A state finals, 4th quarter)


Major League Baseball Players

Ronnie (Ron) Damien Jackson

California Angels


Class of 1971

Lamar Johnson

Chicago White Sox


Class of 1968


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